「Heatstroke」Heatstroke is an illness caused by the overheating of the body. It can happen in high temperatures or because of extensive physical exertion. Heatstroke occurs not only when you go out , but also when you are at home and can be life-threatening .however ,it can be almost prevented by taking appropriate.Heat stroke is a disease that causes various symptoms such as increased body temperature, dizziness, convulsions, and headaches due to an increase in body temperature, an imbalance in water and salt in the body, or an inability to regulate body temperature.

Heat stroke symptoms:

If you notice the sign of heat stroke, be sure to do good hydration and salt replenishment to prevent the symptoms from getting worse.

1.Dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting.Be aware of the early symptoms of heatstroke!If you experience symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, or hot flashes, it is a sign of heat stroke.

2.Muscle aches and cramps-Numbness and convulsions of the hands and feet are signs of heat stroke!

3.”Dullness and nausea” Headache and nausea are also symptoms of heat stroke.

4.High body temperature, abnormal skin-Symptoms such as high temperature, very hot skin to touch, and red and dry skin are signs of heat stroke.

5.Cant walk straight and cant respond – A person who suffer heat stroke When you call him/her, they don’t respond or give strange answers. Or, if you have a tingling sensation in your body, or you cannot walk straight, you have severe heat stroke.

6.Cant rehydrate yourself – It is very dangerous if you cannot rehydrate yourself . Visit immediately to any nearest clinic or hospital in your place.

7. Experiencing an Abnormal sweat.

There is a risk that anyone will get heat stroke depending on the conditions anytime, anywhere, but heat stroke can be prevented by knowing the correct preventive method and taking precautions.You can avoid the risk of heat stroke by keeping the room temperature comfortable with proper air conditioning and by devising clothes. Also, shade and avoid direct sunlight. It is also important to make a habit of always being aware of the risk of heat stroke in your environment.

Not only knowing the maximum temperature of the day, but also knowing the changes in temperature and humidity on that day, and knowing the indoor temperature and humidity conditions are also effective in preventing heat stroke. Knowing what kind of condition you are in is the key to preventing heat stroke. In addition, physical condition greatly affects the occurrence of heat stroke. Let’s become aware of one’s body in addition to knowing the environment where one is, and be sensitive to your physical condition.



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