Financial Calamity

*Financial Calamity*

A situation of financial calamity is most likely a result of an unprecedented event like the loss of a job, an accident, or a death. Let’s imagine a situation. You are the breadwinner of your family Suddenly, a family member of yours meets with an accident. You are stuck in the middle, helpless and moneyless . Would you want to be lost in such an emergency situation? You need to know the importance of Emergency Funds etc.

Emergency Funds:

They are supposed to save our backs in times of trouble. Emergencies and problems are inevitable. And when they occur, we can’t help but face, rectify, and solve them. And of course, it comes with a price, and mostly a huge sum you mind. For those with minimal or no savings, life would be hell at such moments. This is where these funds play a major role. The major reason for investing in emergency funds is to have money that can be accessed whenever in need. The emergency can be anything, ranging from the loss of a job to a minor, but immediate need. Regular income employment is vulnerable and its stability cannot be assured. We can protect ourselves for life by means of investing in such funds. Regular investments in such funds can help us by acting as a “support-salary”.

Organize your Bills and Payments
When you face a financial calamity, you face a lot of issues to manage your bills. Evidently, this leads to late payments fees, extra interest, and closure of accounts. This can add up to the stress from already existing financial calamity.

Downsize your Existing Bills and Payments
Another important factor that can help you to save yourself during a financial crisis is downsizing your existing bills and payments. Minimizing your credit card debts will give you more money to spend during a financial tragedy. Each small amount will compound for larger sums when collated together.

Plan and Budget Well
Financial planning and budgeting are a good way to avoid financial crisis and upsets. You need to have a good sense of what is going on financially in your life in order to maximize your advantages and prevent confusion and monetary mishandling.

Find the Least Expensive Basic Items
Purchasing and using the least expensive items can help reduce your budget considerably.Try finding deals in unexpected or less accustomed areas of your finance and you may find that you can save more than you thought.

Safeguard against Job Loss
Losing your job is the classic event that can really cause you to have a financial crisis. Thus it makes sense to have one or several means of guarding against this. One way is to get unemployment insurance.

You must understand how to protect yourself because the cost of getting trapped in a financial crisis is so massive. It only takes one crisis to devastate a lifetime of saving and proper planning. Prevention is the key.

Would you prefer living with fear and doubts about your financial safety, or would you rather have it all planned to meet emergencies?

Plan wisely, well in advance!



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