コンビニも「特定技能」に? Is the convenience store also a “Specified Skill Worker”?

Is the convenience store also a “Specified Skill Worker”?*

This article appeared in the Nikkei newspaper.


The Liberal Democratic Party will soon put together a proposal regarding the acceptance of foreign workers. Request to add a convenience store to the industries subject to “Specified Skill Worker” It also includes relief measures in case of dismissal due to the spread of new coronavirus infection. It will be reflected in the basic policy of economic and financial management and reform that the government will conclude in July. ~


There is currently no status of residence to work at a convenience store, and I think most foreign staff around the cash register are probably international students.


There are also labor shortages of part-time workers at convenience stores, the convenience store owner may have hoped that the revision of the Immigration Control Act will make the convenience store industry eligible for “Specified Skill Worker”


It seems that foreigners working at convenience stores are all international students with considerable Japanese proficiency, and working at a convenience store is one of the status among international students, but studying abroad is just learning. Student visa can work within the scope of 28 hours per week as part-time , but if convience store added to a category of a “Specified Skill Worker” It is possible to work 40 hours per week full time , which is good news for the convenience store owner.




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