Facts about Alcoholism and Workplace absenteeism Issues

*Facts about Alcoholism and Workplace absenteeism Issues*

Alcohol Effects and Hangover to workplace problems

Alcohol is a depressant drug that can slow down the messages to and from the brain and body. Alcohol can affect problem solving skills, judgment, concentration, reaction times and coordination. Alcohol can have negative consequences on FITNESS FOR WORK and individual health.

Heavy drinking the night before may result in a high concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream leading to ‘HANGOVER'(二日酔い) effects during WORK the next day. HANGOVER effects can result in headaches, shakiness, nausea and vomiting as well as irritability, problems concentrating and fatigue; these effects can affect FITNESS FOR WORK, WORK ATTENDANCE and performance and relationships with co-workers.

Alcohol and Work Performance

Alcohol use and harmful drinking can have a number of adverse impacts on WORKPLACES.

1.Workplace relationships with co-workers and clients and customers. The effects of alcohol can impact on behaviour an individual affected by alcohol may act “unprofessionally” towards clients and customers in work situations,co-workers may be resentful for covering for others affected by alcohol or the ‘hangover’ effects of alcohol.

2.Lower workplace productivity due to short-term absenteeism and a lower quality and quantity of work due to poor decision making and disruption to operations and co-workers covering for alcohol-affected employees.

3.Workplace economy with alcohol-related burden attributed to compensation and employer liabilities, loss of skills .

4.Safety, an unsafe work environment with risks and accidents resulting in injury and or death particularly in occupations involving operating heavy machinery or driving vehicles.

Developing a safe workplace culture, aimed at preventing and managing alcohol-related harm and absenteeism issues in your workplace, is a process that is best served by employer and management commitment and the involvement, support and cooperation of all employees.




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