My last day of work and month here in Japan!

The majority of Filipinos see Japan as a Promise Land! People are honest, kind, hospitable, and a lot more to say about their attitude and character. The beauty of the place is spectacular, the foods are amazing, but the best part is their love for their country! It is really nice to live in a place where people have respect for authority, trust in their government, and harmony with their fellow countrymen.

It is with great heartache for me to leave Japan with my family. Life here in Japan is so easy, if you got sick, you will not worry too much about the payment because the insurance provided by the government will almost cover all your expenses. The difference between the rich and the poor is so slim that you could eat where the rich people eat and sleep where the rich people sleep go where they go. For the years I have experienced Japan I could say that life here is fair!

I’m blessed when it comes to working, I have a very kind boss, understanding and truly cares about his employee! I will always be proud and honored to be part of this company.  It is my utmost desire and prayer to see someday that Horizon Human Investment Inc. will reach the heights of its success!

To all our followers and readers of this blog, thank you for your support and please continue to follow our blog!

This is Edmil Isaiah S. Boniog officially signing off!


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