*Japan finally lifts COVID-based re-entry ban for foreign residents*

Japan has partially removed the (re-)entry ban for foreign nationals.The government of Japan announced on 28 August that all foreign nationals with residence status regardless of visa types,who have left or will leave Japan with a valid re-entry permit or special re-entry permit are eligible to re-enter Japan from September 1 2020.The procedures differ for those who left by August 31 and those who left on or after September 1.Any foreign residents who wish to return to Japan must complete the appropriate procedures imposed by the government. Failure to meet the requirements will lead to the refusal of re-entry.

When you arrive in Japan, you will be tested for COVID-19 again.

All travellers  returning Japan are required to take a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test within 72 hours before departing for Japan
and must obtain a Certificate of Testing for COVID-19 from a medical facility in the country/region of stay providing proof of a negative test.
The entry will be denied if the test result indicates positive.

Upon arrival in Japan, all travellers must undergo inspection for COVID-19 at the quarantine station at the arrival airport.
Once completed, they will be asked to present either the Receipt received from the Immigration Services Agency or Re-Entry Confirmation Letter issued by the Japanese embassy/consulate and they must also submit the Certificate of Testing at the border control.

All arrivals are required to undergo 14 days self-isolation.

From the airport, you cannot take public transportation or taxi, but will have to leave using private transportation.

Please note that the above is only applicable for persons that are in Japan.

Lastly, this process cannot be used by persons that come on a short-term visa (business people or tourists).




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