Government’s suggestion: Extended Year-End New Year Holiday

In an instant, the year 2020 is about to end.  We only have 2 months left.

Do you have plans already for this coming year -end New Year Holiday?

Recently, a plan to extend the New Year’s holiday suddenly emerged. The government’s subcommittee on measures against the Coronavirus infections has decided to call for an extension and dispersion of vacations, like extending the holidays for the year-end and New year holidays. Last October 23, 2020, Yasutoshi Nishimura who is the Minister-in-charge of Economic Revitalization, announced his request for companies to extend the year-end holiday until January 11,2020 to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. The purpose is to avoid congestion on crowded places such as shrines, train stations, vacation spots and shopping areas.

Most of the companies and government offices will most likely resume business operations on 4th of January,2021 but the government suggests to extend the holiday for another week. Japanese citizens would normally spend their holidays by traditional shrine visits, going back to their home town, visiting families/relatives or travel. Train stations and airports may become overcrowded. During this holiday period, bargains from most of the stores are also common and shopping centers became crowded too.

Opinions are divided on the pros and cons of the extension policy for the year-end and New Year holidays. Some are happy about the news and excited about the extended vacation however, there are also people who responded negatively. Others are grateful for a long period of rest from work, while others are worried about people who are working on the service industry r medical field since they cannot take so much vacation and worried about their kids who will be left at home. Various opinions received by the government are divided yet they emphasized that they will just let each companies to decide about it instead of a uniform request.

While the Coronavirus infection is not yet totally eradicated in Japan, what do you think will happen on this year-end New Year holiday?



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