Foreigner Stuck in Japan due to pandemic allowed to work part-time

*Japan to loosen work rules on foreigners stuck due to pandemic*

Japan immigration authorities have temporarily enabled people who cannot return to their countries amid the coronavirus pandemic to work part-time in Japan.

Almost 21,000 foreigners are stranded in Japan as they face obstacles to going back home, often because of their countries’ lightened entry restrictions. Some of them are struggling financially.

Japan is loosening regulations on part-time work for foreigners stuck in the country due to the corona virus and having trouble supporting themselves.

The new rules will allow people with 90days short stay permits to  renew their permits and receive permission to work up to 28hrs a week, while technical trainees will be able to change their visas to a Designated activity  work permit for six months the ministry of justice
said on MOJ website.

Student visas will be able to work for up to 28hrs a week even if there are no longer students.

If they wish to work part-time, they need to file an application at the nearest immigration.

For Foreigners are stuck in Japan to maintain their livelihood until they can return home.




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